You said “Yes!”. Keep the excitement alive by bringing in a self-care and wellness routine which will keep you balanced and focused during the overwhelming wedding planning period, and will get you ready for the the big W day.


No one (who has gone through it) will argue that planning a wedding AND getting married are high on the list of stressors one experiences in their life (tie with realizing that you drunk-called your ex that one night when in Vegas with your homies). Stress and anxiety around the myriad of choices to be made from theme color, cake flavors, to location, wedding dress etc. is only compounded by the imminent life change. You now realize that the snoring is here to stay. Forever. That’s quite the commitment right there. Excitement, while a positive feeling, can derail one’s focus and lead to a lack of mindfulness. The engagement period is a beautiful phase of life that should be enjoyed thoroughly, and one way to do that is through living with awareness.*

Here enters yoga. Wedding Wellness Yoga – a series of yoga sessions (or a full blown retreat!) designed around the needs of the Bride-to-Be and Groom-to-Be. The benefits of a yoga practice are numerous, and while such benefits as improving the symptoms of a prolapsed bladder are not to be disregarded, we will focus on the areas applicable to someone whose life as they know it is about to change by their own volition.


*If you are to listen to some veteran married couples, the engagement is THE beautiful phase of life. You want to make sure you’re present and soaking up every moment.



If you are someone who cares about the soon-to-be newlyweds and have yet to gift them something special for their engagement, bridal shower, or wedding, look no further. 
Offer them the gift of self-care, relaxation, and bonding. Gift certificates are issued in any amount, and can be sent electronically or by snail-mail.
They will love you for your originality! I guarantee it!

Why Make Time for Yoga?

Enhance your inner and outer radiance before and on W Day.

A yoga practice addressing this big milestone of your life will promote a deep sense of balance which will radiate inside and out. Meditation and breathing will be the key relaxation techniques included in this program, and with plenty of practice ahead of the wedding, you will be able to stand in front of your bridal party and voice those wedding vows with great voice projection without sounding breathy and nervous, but calm, confident and composed. (Disclaimer: You WILL cry, but your Wedding Wellness Yoga practice will increase your chances of being understood by your audience.)

The scripts of each session will be created around themes such as

  • acceptance (of what is – it really is not the end of the world that lilies-of-the-valley are not in season and you’ll have to settle for… peonies),
  • compassion (towards self and others – your partner truly did their best even if they missed the deadline on securing the band you guys wanted!)
  • mindfulness (not only when experiencing happy, but when tortured by sadness, frustration, or doubt), and, last but not least
  • LOVE (love being love needs no intro). Absorbing the positive energy of such heart-y topics will promote self-awareness and a felt-sense of joy and contentment.

Depending on the style of yoga you choose and the time you give yourself prior to the wedding, your body will be detoxed, your muscles toned and lean, and you’ll find yourself strong and flexible, radiating confidence through an improved posture and gait (ask for tips!). Ready to strut that dress down the aisle like nobody’s business!

Wedding Wellness Yoga Options & Pricing

Excited to bring in mindfulness, balance, and harmony on your wedding planning journey? Check the menu below and book the package that suits your needs!

Bridal Wellness Yoga

Private yoga sessions for the Bride-to-Be in the style of her choosing, during the wedding planning phase all the way through the day of. Girl, come on down! You know you need a good cry to release all that tension, and you really need to start warming up those calves if you plan on wearing THOSE heels.   60 minutes for $75; 75 minutes for $90

Groom Wellness Yoga

Private yoga sessions for the Groom-to-Be in the style of his choosing, during the wedding planning phase all the way through the day of. “Men are always composed and in control of their feelings and reactions.” I call BS. Get your man on the mat so I can groom him (yes, pun intended cause I am so witty), and get him in touch with those emotions buried under his poised outer-self. His hamstrings could use some loving, too.  60 minutes for $75; 75 minutes for $90

Bride & Groom Wellness Yoga

Semi-private yoga sessions for the lucky couple in the style of their choosing, with elements that promote bonding and trust. Yoga stimulates the release of endorphins and other happy hormones in the body which leads to increased harmony between two people. Unwinding together will benefit both your mental health and relationship, and improve your resilience in the face of wedding planning challenges. 60 minutes for $95; 75 minutes for $115

Bachelor/Bachelorette Wellness Yoga

You’re the designer of this session (because I am smart enough to hide the pill in the candy, and I will make sure you and your party will get what you NEED as well). There’ll be a little something to help you all celebrate! 90 minutes for $200

Vows-Writing Yoga Session

Allow me to bring you to that space where your heart is open, your mind is awake, and the pen starts flowing letting all the excitement, gratitude, and love, pour onto the page. This session includes minimal asana, lots of breathing, meditation, and visualization exercises. 90 minutes for $105

Bridal Party Yoga

Depending on your wedding location arrangements, this can be done the day prior or the day of the wedding. I find this such a beautiful opportunity for those who love you to hold space for the two of you, for your love and the commitment you are about to take towards a life together.  75 minutes for $180

Create your own package and reach out to me for final price (discounts applicable for multiple sessions booked at the same time). Or let me know what your needs are and I will put together a program for you.

Suggested DeLuxe Schedule

  • Six months prior to W Day, start weekly Private sessions for Bride-to-Be and/or Groom-to-Be, or semi-private sessions for the couple (24 60-min sessions) $1,800
  • One month prior to W Day, plan a Bachelor/Bachelorette Wellness Yoga session for up to 10 participants (let me know if there are more). $200
  • One to two weeks prior to W Day, join me for a vows-writing yoga session. $105
  • One week prior to W Day, Couples Wellness Yoga 60-min $95
  • Day prior to W Day, Couples Wellness Yoga 90-min $115
  • Day prior to W Day or Day of, Bridal Party Wellness Yoga $180
  • Day of, Private Bride and Groom Wellness Yoga. $90×2

$2,325 ($350 savings)

Book it now!


Your Wedding Wellness Yoga Retreat

How ‘bout escaping it all, and create your dream Weekend of Wedding Wellness getaway?

If you are interested in a 3-day/2-night retreat, get in touch. You can choose the location and dates and I will work towards making that possible.

The retreat will include:

2 nights accommodation

healthy meals (if required vegetarian/vegan options)

at least four yoga sessions (depending on arrival/departure times)

one meditation practice

manifestation exercise (bring your journal and favorite pen, you’ll be practicing your longhand)

if requested, vows-writing session

a physical activity (hike, biking, swimming, depending on location and preferences)

spa services (at extra cost)

Price will be based on resort pricing. If on a budget, please share your range when inquiring.